Joey Wieser


Dear 43rd Democrats,

Somebody once told me there are only two types of smart in this world: 

  1. There are smart people who take simple things and make them sound very complicated to try and impress everybody, and

  2. There are smart people who take complicated things and make them sound very simple to try and help everybody. 

I'd like to announce that I will be running as our next Vice Chair for Communications in the 43rd, and with your support, I pledge to always strive to be that second kind of smart. 

A little about me. I’m a third-generation Seattleite, crisis intervention expert, and fierce LGBT advocate. My mother is a beautifully strong, single woman; my two younger brothers are growing into kind young men—but struggle has always been a central part of our lives. Admittedly, I grew up without the social, financial, or educational capital to participate in local politics, and as I look at Seattle’s rapidly changing landscape and the alarming scarcity of affordable housing, I know that many new stories of struggle are currently being written—one of which could easily be ours.

So why this role?

After putting myself through school as a first-generation college student, I became involved in the Black Lives Matter movement at the national level, wherein which I developed a keen interest in how digital communications could be used to support movement building efforts. 

Currently, I work as a Social Media Community Manager for Microsoft, and I believe that in the bluest district in my home state, my grassroots background and love of communications qualifies me uniquely for this position. 


  • Simplify, amplify, and streamline communications across 43rd’s social media, email, and district website correspondence 

  • Work in collaboration with Vice Chairs for PCO and Member Recruitment to increase membership

  • Strengthen the 43rd’s social media presence, expand online reach, and increase overall engagement 

  • Elevate and support local movement building efforts via livestreams, shares, and other forms of online and in-person advocacy using 43rd LD’s platform

  • Remove barriers to entry—both on and offline—for low and middle-income families to participate in the political process 

I would be honored to serve as your Vice Chair for Communications, and I’ve reached out to Kristen Johnson, Co Chair of Communications for the League of Women Voters, to serve as one of my key communications committee members. I am also especially committed to working in partnership with the rest of the board to listen to and support your ideas. I'm a supporter of and contributor to the 43rd Forward vision, and encourage our community to check it out and share your thoughts!

If you have any feedback or questions about my candidacy, the communications team I’m assembling, or if you‘d just like to get to know one another a little better, please reach out! I’m looking forward to meeting many of you in the coming days — but until reorg, I’m ready to get to work! 💪🏽

My very best,