KCDCC Representative

Maddy Vonhoff

Hello everyone! My name is Maddy Vonhoff, and I am excited to announce I will be running for King County Democrats Central Committee Representative! I have been a PCO in the 43rd for the last two years and a political organizer for the last six years. I enjoy teaching people how to be more involved in the political process and how to advocate to elected officials at both the state and congressional level on issues they care about. I see an opportunity for 43rd District Democrats and King County to be leaders in training new advocates and developing much needed leadership programs, tools and infrastructure. 

A little about me: I currently work for the ONE Campaign, a nonpartisan advocacy organization working to end extreme poverty and preventable disease through grassroots advocacy. My job is to mentor and mobilize college students in 17 states to advocate to their Members of Congress. Previously, I worked at the ACLU-WA as a Legislative Aide and then as a Project Manager on the Alternatives to the Death Penalty Campaign.

My strengths include building coalitions and teams, project managing and coordinating large amounts of information, effectively communicating and facilitating discussions between groups, working with first-time advocates and organizers, and mobilizing youth. I have coordinated lobby days, conferences, town halls, and advocacy workshops, and I would love to bring this experience to the 43rd District Democrats. My vision for the 43rd District Democrats and King County is for us to provide space for members to build skills and confidence no matter where they may be in their journey of political engagement. My plan is to extend outreach to new communities, particularly youth, create training opportunities to develop new Democratic leaders, and to be a fair and transparent representative between 43rd District Democrats and King County Democrats. I look forward to potentially working with Shasti Conrad and Galaxy to see this happen!

I'm a supporter of and contributor to the 43rd Forward vision, and encourage our community to check it out and share your thoughts! https://43rdforward.com

Feel free to email me at maddy.vonhoff@gmail.com with questions, comments or to set up a time to chat! I look forward to meeting you all!