Member Recruitment

Jessi Murray

Hi everyone!

I’d like to announce that I’m running to be Vice Chair for Member Recruitment of the 43rd Dems, and I’d love to have your support! I was previously an acting PCO, and have since been elected to a new term as PCO. This year will bring with it some amazing energy and challenges, and, if elected, I will use that momentum to bring in and retain robust membership.

The 43rd Dems have some truly dedicated members who do amazing things, but there is always room to bring in new folks to get fresh perspectives (and delegate some of that work). I would love to explore the ways that we can make meetings more accessible to all. As VC for Member Recruitment, I would: 

  • Evaluate barriers to attendance/participation of current members, especially as relating to transportation, childcare needs, and disability access

  • Establish flexible dues options for those who need them

  • Connect with other organizations already working with the diverse communities of the 43rd LD and invite cross-pollination of membership

  • Determine strategies to ensure adequate outreach to renters

  • Restructure and revamp the Membership Committee to aid in the above tasks

Building community and creating accessibility is truly important to me. This has been especially obvious in my volunteer work as a vocal instructor at Rain City Rock Camp and as Chair of Seattle Ladies Choir. In these roles and others, I have been consistently lauded for my ability to create respectful and welcoming spaces for people to come together. 

In addition to my non-political leadership, I have been a strong community activist for over half of my life. In Seattle, I’ve done everything from organizing large-scale rallies, to founding direct action groups, to building coalitions, to working directly with city officials on issues relating to the LGBTQ+ community. I can build you a spreadsheet or a movement, and know when to choose each. As VC of Member Recruitment, I will bring strong outreach, community-building, and project management skills.

Lastly, as a queer woman with Middle Eastern heritage, it means a lot to me that the Democratic Party continue to work to be inclusive and intersectional. I know that the 43rd can be a leader in this regard, and I hope to help get us there. 

Thank you!

PS: I've helped contribute to the 43rd Forward vision outlined here, which is a work-in-progress that I'd encourage you all to check out and contribute to yourselves!