2019 August Primary Endorsement Results

For the 2019 August Primary, the 43rd District Democrats endorse the following positions:

  • King County Assessor: John A. Wilson

King County Council

  • District 2: Girmay Zahilay

  • District 4: Abigail Doerr

  • District 8: Joe McDermott

Port of Seattle

  • Position 2: Sam Cho

  • Position 5: Fred Felleman

Seattle City Council

  • District 3: No Endorsement

  • District 4: No Endorsement

  • District 6: No Endorsement

  • District 7: No Endorsement

Seattle School Board

  • Position 1: Eric Blumhagen

  • Position 2: Lisa Rivera Smith

  • Position 3: Rebeca Muñiz

  • Position 6: No Endorsement

Superior Court

  • Position 5: Maureen McKee

  • Position 31: Marshall Ferguson

  • Position 37: Michael Ryan

  • Position 49: Aimee Sutton

Levies, Initiatives, Referendums

  • King County Parks Levy: YES

  • Seattle Library Levy: YES

  • I-976, Limits on Motor Vehicle Taxes and Fees: NO

  • R-88, Repeal of I-1000: Decline to Sign/NO

Endorsements Questionnaires Now Available

All of the endorsement questionnaires we received from candidates are now publicly available in our Google Drive folder. Click here to access them. (a Google account is NOT required) We will be voting on endorsements at our June general meeting, at Kane Hall on the University of Washington campus. Hope to see you there!

You can learn more about our endorsements process on our Endorsements page.

Bylaws Committee Status: 02/02/2019

The Rules and Bylaws Committee held our first meeting this past Wednesday. We adopted some basic rules for the committee, then spent the majority of the time reviewing and discussing open items and assigning owners to work on drafting text proposals for each. Assignments are as follows:

Each owner has a target due date of end-of-day Sunday, February 3rd to provide a first draft proposal.

Questions arose during the meeting about the relationship between the State Central Committee and the statutory State Committee referred to in the RCWs, and if we needed to consider language to match possible gender-neutral positions to the statutes' "committeeman" and "committeewoman" positions. Angyl has since followed up with the state party and confirmed that we essentially have nothing to worry about. You can read details of that discussion (and get schooled on legal precedent regarding the First Amendment and regulation of political parties, as I did!) here.

Detailed notes from the meeting are available on Google Drive, here. A recording of the meeting is available on YouTube, here.

What's next?

Committee members are hard at work on drafts of text for open items, and we expect to make them available for early feedback this week, in time for the newly elected Executive Board's first meeting, on February 5th. We plan to solicit feedback on these drafts; watch for some feedback/discussion posts to the 43rd District Democrats Forum group on Facebook in the coming days. You are welcome of course to submit feedback via email to the bylaws@43rddemocrats.org email address, as well.

Remember that proposals under consideration can be found in the Committee’s repository on GitHub. Additionally, all correspondence on the Bylaws committee's mailing list is viewable via our Google Group, here. And as always, please don't hesitate to send questions, comments, or other feedback to bylaws@43rddemocrats.org.