Your 2019 Executive Board

At our Reorganization Meeting tonight, we elected our new Executive Board:

  • Chair: Scott Alspach

  • First Vice Chair: Tara Gallagher

  • Treasurer: Brad Bell

  • Secretary: Ellen Eades

  • Vice Chair for Elections: Sam McVeety

  • Vice Chair for PCO Recruitment: Shua Sanchez

  • Vice Chair for Communications: Joey Wieser

  • Vice Chair for Technology: Annabelle Backman

  • Vice Chair for Events: Alejandro Castillo

  • Vice Chair for Programs and Meetings: Noel Renggli

  • Vice Chair for Member Recruitment: Jessi Murray

  • State Committee Representatives: Amy Madden and Rod Palmquist

  • KCDCC Representatives: Maddy Vonhoff and Galaxy Marshall

  • KCDCC Representative Alternates: Anquida Adams and Scott Forbes

Thank you to everyone who came out to participate in our Reorganization meeting tonight!