Bylaws Proposal Draft Published!

The Rules and Bylaws Committee has published an early draft of our proposal. Please note that since this has not yet been voted on by the committee, this draft should not be considered to be a recommendation by the committee. However, it does represent the direction we’re going, and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

You can find links to this as well as an Explanation of Changes and FAQ on the updated Bylaws & Rules page.

You may notice that these changes haven’t been pushed into GitHub. The reason for this is that the git/GitHib/LaTeX setup did not work as well as I’d hoped, and significant work was still required to mark up the documents so that members could easily identify changes. Given this, and given that LaTeX is not well suited to this task, I’ve begun maintaining our proposal as a Microsoft Word document, publishing both it and a PDF version. We’d appreciate feedback on this presentation of the changes. Is it usable? Is it confusing? Let us know at