Technology Committee Chair

Annabelle Backman
Elected September 12, 2018
Re-elected January 15, 2019

Committee Memberships

  • Technology Committee (Chair)


  • Serve on the Executive Board.

  • Chair and appoint members to the Technology Committee.

  • Gather needs and requirements from stakeholders, including Executive Board members, committee Chairs and members, PCOs, our membership, and other co-workers / allies we operate alongside.

  • Research existing solutions to these business needs.

  • Weigh “build vs. buy,” and look into crafting our own solutions for off-the-shelf tools that don’t fit the business needs.

  • Create technology plans to execute on, and work with the relevant teams and committees to execute on them.

  • Train team members on using these tools, to empower their work.

  • Setup and administer these systems.

  • Create feedback loops to monitor key performance indicators of our solutions out in the wild. Explore opportunities for growth or improvement where needed.

  • Put forward-looking systems in place to document and manage our organizational knowledge, with how to go about fulfilling our roles, to set future Executive Board members up for continued success.

  • Document existing technology infrastructure and standard operating procedures for provisioning and de-provisioning new Executive Board members, transferring control to a newly elected Executive Board, and other common procedures.

  • Develop, document, and maintain procedures for the safe handling of District account credentials, and for ensuring continuity of access to District technology assets.

  • Develop, document, and execute plans to mitigate the impact of infrastructure outages or losses. Provide for backup and recovery of District data.