Washington State Democrats Representatives


Amy Madden
Elected January 17, 2017
Re-elected January 15, 2019

Rod Palmquist
Elected January 15, 2019


  • Serve on the Executive Board.

  • Attend monthly state party meetings online.

  • Attend monthly Standing Committee web/phone meetings.

  • Participate in Standing Committee work groups and complete all tasks taken on.

  • Solicit feedback from PCOs about the issues that are important to them and important upcoming decisions (e.g., election of the State Party Chair).

  • If time allows, participate in LD Committees (e.g. Membership) and complete all tasks taken on.

  • Attend State Committee meetings in various locations across the state.

  • At state conventions during presidential election years, select at-large and PLEO delegates to the national convention.

  • Review resolutions to the WSDCC and proposed state charter or bylaws changes carefully as soon as they are made available. Confer with fellow committee members and/or 43rd leadership about any questions or concerns.

  • Prepare for upcoming party elections (e.g. State Party Chair, DNC members, State Executive Board members) with careful research and/or interviews with candidates. Consider feedback from PCOs and other 43rd leadership.

  • Communicate with PCOs before and/or after meetings to inform them of:

    • State party goals and campaigns, including important races

    • Volunteer opportunities

    • Opportunities to donate

    • Resolutions passed

    • Charter and bylaws changes

    • Positions taken on initiatives

    • Other endorsements

    • Officer elections

    • Committee updates (e.g. Communications & Training, Rules, Elections, Advocacy, etc.)

    • Caucus updates

  • Report back to the 43rd membership about the activities, policies, and actions of the WSDCC.

  • As time allows, participate in state caucuses and report back to membership on their work.

  • Consider mentoring underrepresented individuals by bringing them as guests to State Committee meetings and conventions: answer questions, introduce them to others, help them learn about important Democratic party roles.