REMINDER: New memberships purchased after 9/7/2019 will not be eligible to vote at our endorsements meeting on 9/17/2019. 2018 members or PCOs may renew at any point and vote immediately. Please email if you have any questions, thanks!

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What does my membership support?

For one - this website. Membership dues go to support the costs associated with running the 43rd District Democrats. Renting meeting space, renting spaces for events, providing snacks and beverages. Every two years, we have to fund our caucuses, as well - whether they are off-year LD Caucuses, or the entire Precinct Caucus to LD Caucus cycle. The 43rd is in one of the most expensive parts of Washington, and your financial support is vital to our ability to connect community with policy makers, and provide education opportunities about topics that impact our region. 

How about campaigns?

The 43rd District Democrats do not give any direct contributions to political campaigns. Our focus is on organizing and education for our members - which historically has been our model. 

Is my contribution tax deductible?

It is not. We are a non-profit organization under federal tax code, but our classification does not allow for tax deductible contributions. 

I'm living lightly right now - is there a way to still participate and have voting rights?

We are not interested in sidelining Democrats who are unable to pay annual dues at the full amount. Contact our chair - - about opportunities to contribute in other ways to earn full voting rights. 

I'm a PCO - do I still have to contribute?

The costs associated with our training events for PCOs, and more generally for the organization, are continuous. While PCOs enjoy voting rights by virtue of being PCOs, we always encourage PCOs to become members.