Brad Bell
Elected January 15, 2019

Committee Memberships

  • Treasury Committee (Chair)

  • Fundraising Committee

  • Membership Committee


  • Serve on the Executive Board.

  • Serve on the Fundraising Committee.

  • Prepare yearly budget and present to Chair and Vice Chair.

  • Present budget reports to Executive Board and general membership.

  • Provide financial guidance to the Executive Board.

  • Coordinate with Technology Committee on general database functions to maintain District financial records and protect the privacy of the 43rd membership list.

  • Coordinates with Membership Committee to record donations in database.

  • Authority on PDC compliance to oversight and provide guidance of all fundraising by the 43rd to ensure state laws on Political Action Committees (PAC) are not violated by our non-PAC status.

  • Oversee budgets of committees to ensure their purchases remain within membership approved budget. If a particular budget is near exhaustion, the Treasurer will alert the Committee Chair and District Chair for possible extending the budget, and if the Committee Chair deems necessary, ask the membership to approve increasing the budget.

  • File, maintain and report IRS nonprofit status, Annual Report to Washington Secretary of State to maintain Articles of Incorporation, and Washington Department of Revenue licenses if needed.

  • Report the budget at the Executive Board and the General monthly meetings. 

  • Maintain a Financial Records book and bring to each E-Board and General meeting and be available to any member to review and ask questions.

  • Responsible for bank deposits, purchases and budget records.

  • Handle collection, deposit, and recording of membership dues and other contributions to the District made by cash or check.

  • Monitor the District’s P.O. box for membership dues and other contributions to the District.

  • Responsible for reimbursements to Executive Board Members for their budgeted expenses.

  • Facilitate transfer of treasury to newly elected Executive Board after re-organization.