Brad Bell
Elected January 15, 2019

Committee Memberships

  • Treasury Committee (Chair)

  • Executive Committee

  • Operations Committee

  • Events Committee

  • Membership Committee

  • Communications and Technology Committee


  • Serve on the Executive Board.

  • Serve on the Events Committee.

  • Prepare yearly budget and present to Chair and Vice Chair.

  • Present budget reports to Executive Board and general membership.

  • Provide financial guidance to the Executive Board.

  • Coordinate with Vice Chair of Technology on general database functions to maintain District financial records and protect the privacy of the 43rd membership list.

  • Coordinates with Vice Chair of Membership to record donations in database.

  • Authority on PDC compliance to oversight and provide guidance of all fundraising by the 43rd to ensure state laws on Political Action Committees (PAC) are not violated by our non-PAC status.

  • Oversee budgets of Vice Chairs and committees to ensure their purchases remain within membership approved budget. If a particular budget is near exhaustion, the Treasurer will alert the Vice-Chair and Chair for possible extending the budget, and if the Chair deems necessary, ask the membership to approve increasing the budget.

  • File, maintain and report IRS nonprofit status, Annual Report to Washington Secretary of State to maintain Articles of Incorporation, and Washington Department of Revenue licenses if needed.

  • Report the budget at the Executive Board and the General monthly meetings. 

  • Maintain a Financial Records book and bring to each E-Board and General meeting and be available to any member to review and ask questions.

  • Responsible for bank deposits, purchases and budget records.

  • Handle collection, deposit, and recording of membership dues and other contributions to the District made by cash or check.

  • Monitor the District’s P.O. box for membership dues and other contributions to the District.

  • Responsible for reimbursements to Executive Board Members for their budgeted expenses.

  • Facilitate transfer of treasury to newly elected Executive Board after re-organization.